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2024 Postdoc Positions

Post your postdoctoral openings here. Please consider keeping the status of the positions as open or closed updated!

Please help to keep this list updated with all 2023 postdoctoral positions that are relevant to:

  • Condensed matter experiment and theory,
  • Atomic, molecular and optical experiment and theory,
  • Materials science,
  • Nanoscience,
  • Quantum information science,
  • And other fields.

Importantly: we welcome all positions as well as technical research staff positions at established research institutes. And don't forget to include a link to the job posting!

Send questions/problems to

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Note: instructions for editing the table are on the front page! Please add entries with the table editor (as opposed to manually)!

Field Location Group Deadline Link
Theoretical Cold Atomic Physics and Quantum Information Science UT Dallas and Washington University (joint) Michael Kolodrubetz (UTD) / Chuanwei Zhang (Washington U) Open until filled
Quantum & Nano-Optics, Infrared Imaging & Spectroscopy, Photon coupled Scanning probe microscopy MagLab, Tallahassee, USA Guangxin Ni August 1
Condensed Matter and Materials Theory Université Paris-Saclay, Paris, France Benjamin Wieder Open until filled (Apply by October 1st, 2024 for full consideration)
Attosecond/Ultrafast optics & Quantum Optics Ottawa, Canada Giulio Vampa (NRC Attosecond group) Open until filled “Postdoc position in attosecond quantum optics”:
AMO experiment, quantum simulation Vienna, Austria Julian Leonard Open until filled
Ultrafast optics Boston University Wanzheng Hu September 1st 2024 (latest starting date)
Experimental Condensed Matter Physics (Magnonics) University of Delaware, USA Benjamin Jungfleisch Open until filled
Condensed matter experiment (2D materials, quantum transport) Emory University, Atlanta, USA Jiang-Xiazi Lin Open until filled
Lillian Gilbreth Postdoctoral Fellowships at Purdue Engineering in: 1) Quantum Networks and Distributed Quantum Computing; 2) Optical Parallel Computing: Optical Neural Networks for Artificial Intelligence, and 3) Quantum Sensing, Optical Microscopy, and Bioimaging Purdue University Shengwang Du October 31, 2024
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