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Job Postings for 2022

Welcome to the 2022 rumor mill. It is once again time to start keeping track of this year's openings.

Please help to keep this list updated with all 2022 job postings that are relevant to:

  • Condensed matter experiment and theory,
  • Atomic, molecular and optical experiment and theory,
  • Materials science,
  • Nanoscience,
  • Quantum information science,
  • Quantum materials,
  • And other fields.

Importantly: we welcome all faculty positions as well as technical research staff positions at established research institutes. And don't forget to include a link to the job posting!

Please help update the Faculty Shuffle if you have any info!

Send questions/problems to

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And finally, to all of those who are looking for either a position or the right candidate: Good luck!

Field Location (and Link) Position Deadline Short List Offer made
Quantum information or condensed matter physics (experiment) UMBC Assistant Professor (tenure-track) November 15, 2022
Open (theory or experiment) University of Michigan Assistant Professor (tenure-track) September 19, 2022
Exp CM/Optics/Materials/Quantum Hampton University, Virginia Assistant Professor (tenure-track) Open until filled
Exp Condensed Matter or Applied Physics New Mexico State University Assistant Professor January 15, 2023
Materials Discovery/Exp Condensed Matter Physics University of Notre Dame Faculty (open at all levels from assistant to full professor) Jul 31, 2022
Experimental Physics Santa Clara University Assistant Professor (tenure-track) October 28, 2022
Physics & Astronomy University of North Carolina Asheville UNCA Lecturer Review of applications will begin March 1st, 2022
Physics/Physical Science Fayetteville State University (FSU) Assistant Professor Open Until Filled
Physics William Peace University (WPU) Adjunct Instructor Continuous Recruitment
Physics University of Oregon Assistant Professor October 15, 2022
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