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2022 Postdoc Positions

Post your postdoctoral openings here. Please consider keeping the status of the positions as open or closed updated!

Please help to keep this list updated with all 2021 postdoctoral positions that are relevant to:

  • Condensed matter experiment and theory,
  • Atomic, molecular and optical experiment and theory,
  • Materials science,
  • Nanoscience,
  • Quantum information science,
  • And other fields.

Importantly: we welcome all positions as well as technical research staff positions at established research institutes. And don't forget to include a link to the job posting!

Send questions/problems to

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Area/Specialization University/Organization PI/Group Deadline Status
Theoretical cold atom/quantum information University of Texas at Dallas Chuanwei Zhang open until filled details could be found at Send CV to
Magneto-Optical Spectroscopy of 2D Heterostructures George Mason University Patrick Vora open until filled Open position in 2D heterostructure assembly and magneto-optical spectroscopy. Please send CV and cover letter to
Computational Condoned Matter and Materials Physics University of Alabama at Birmingham Cheng-Chien Chen open until filled Open position to model rare-earth materials under extreme pressure with advanced first-principles techniques. See
Computational materials physics - first principles calculations University of California, Merced Elizabeth Nowadnick open until filled Open position on frustrated magnetism and spin liquids. For more information and to apply, see
Theoretical Quantum Optics (for Quantum Information Processing) National Research Council Canada Khabat Heshami open until filled Open position to explore theoretical approaches in quantum optics in enhancing generation of quantum error-correcting states, see
Quantum gases experiment, ICFO, Barcelona Leticia Tarruell Open until filled
Condensed Matter Experiment Purdue University Leonid Rokhinson open until filled Open position to study topological superconductivity and non-Abelian excitations, see
Condensed Matter Theory ISSP, The University of Tokyo Takashi Oka June 3, 2022 Open- - contact
Quantum information / many-body theory / quantum optics University of Oklahoma, Norman Campus Bihui Zhu Open until filled
2D quantum materials and devices: fabrication and experiment Montana State University, MonArk Quantum Foundry Nick Borys March 31, 2022 (until filled) OPEN - Application portal - contact and visit the MonArk NSF Quantum Foundry web site ( for more information.
2D quantum materials theory University of Arkansas, MonArk Quantum Foundry Salvador Barraza-Lopez, Martin Mosquera (until filled) OPEN. Please apply at
Condensed Matter Theory University of Alabama at Birmingham Fei Xue Open until filled Open
Nanophotonics (Experiment) NIST Gaithersburg, MD A. Agrawal March 1, 2022 (until filled) The Ultrafast Nano-Optics Lab at NIST is seeking a postdoctoral researcher. The candidate will assist in design, nanofabrication and/or measurements of integrated nanophotonic and metasurface devices operating in the visible and infrared spectral range for a range of applications. Prior experience in the field of ultrafast and nonlinear optics, metasurfaces, integrated nanophotonics, and/or nanofabrication is a plus. Please send CV to Dr. Amit Agrawal at
Condensed matter (Experiment and Theory) University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK Multiple Groups March 10, 2022 (until filled) Two positions available, one in experiment and one in theory.
AMO (Experiment and Theory) University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK Multiple Groups March 15, 2022 (until filled) Two positions available, one in experiment and one in theory.
Thermodynamics of Active Matter Sorbonne Université & Université de Paris L. Cugliandolo, J. Tailleur, F. van Wijland 01/04/2022 A postdoctoral position will open next Fall in Paris to work on the thermodynamic properties of active systems, under the joint supervision of Leticia Cugliandolo, Julien Tailleur and Frédéric van Wijland, funded by the ANR research grant THEMA. We are looking for a motivated and independent scientist trained in nonequilibrium statistical mechanics, familiar with analytical and numerical methods.
The starting date is flexible and local funding is available to support standard IT and travel requirements.
We will start reviewing applications as of April 1st, 2022 (interested candidates should send a CV including a list of publications to The position will remain open until filled.
Quantum computer algorithms for applications in AMO or high-energy physics Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (+DESY Zeuthen), Germany A. Saenz, K. Jansen, C. Issever 13.02.2022
Quantum many-body physics; Quantum optics; Quantum Materials. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Hui Deng Open until filled Open
Nonlinear and quantum optics (experiment) The Pennsylvania State University Mikael Rechtsman Open until filled Postdoc position(s), opened until filled, email
Quantum information (experiment) The University of Rochester John Nichol Open until filled Postdoc position(s), opened until filled, email,
2D Quantum Material Spectroscopy and Devices Oregon State University Matt W. Graham Aug. 15 2022 (to apply) Candidate will twisted bilayer 2D materials and devices using ultrafast microscopy methods in extreme field environments.
Quantum Information Science; Out-of-equilibrium quantum systems (Theory) University of Massachusetts Lowell Archana Kamal Open until filled email:; group webpage:
Correlated and topological quantum materials (Experiment) Oak Ridge National Laboratory Hu Miao open until filled email:; webpage:
Quantum Materials, Photoemission spectroscopy (experiment) The Pennsylvania State University Heike Pfau open until filled Postdoc position, email:, website:
Experiments with cold atoms in optical lattices The Pennsylvania State University David Weiss open until filled postdoc positions available,
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